Monday, March 2, 2009

Black History of January

January 1. 1808:
Foreign slave trades become illegal
January 2. 1831:
Abolitionist paper, "The Liberator" published for first time.
January 3. 1624:
William Tucker is 1st black child born in America.
January 4. 1943:
Illinois elected William L. Dawson U.S. Representative.
January 4. 1789:
80 Boston Blacks petition legislature to assist them in getting to Africa.
January 4. 1971:
Congressional Black Caucus Organized.
January 5. 1943:
Death of George Washington Carver, Agricultural Scientist.
January 6. 1832:
The organization of New England Anti-Slavery Society.
January 6. 1939:
Blue Note Records, Jazz label, found by Alfred Lion.
January 6. 1773:
Slaves in Massachusetts petitioned for freedom.
January 7. 1955:
Debut of Marion Anderson, first black singer at Metropolitan Opera House.
January 8. 1867:
Congress pass bill conferring the suffrage on Blacks of D.C..
January 8. 1811:
Slave revolt in New Orleans
January 8. 1815:
2 Black regiments in the Battle of New Orleans are honored by President Andrew Jackson.
January 8. 2000:
NAACP rally to boycott South Carolina until the Rebel flag came down from its Statehouse.
January 9. 1967:
Rep. Adam Clayton Powell lost Chair of Congressional Committee.
January 9. 1961:
Black students enrolled at the University of Georgia
January 9. 1866:
Fisk Univ., Nashville, TN, founded
January 10. 1864:
Birth of inventor, George Washington Carver
January 10. 1966:
Julian Bond denied seat in Georgia Legislature.
January 10. 1866:
GA Equal Rights Association was organized.
January 12. 1948:
Blacks receive the Right to study law at state institutions.
January 12. 1952:
First Black student admitted to Univ. of Tennessee.
January 12. 1995:
Quiballah Shabazz (Malcolm X's daughter) arrested for accusations of plotting Farrakhan's assassination
January 13. 1966:
Robert C. Weaver nominated Secretary of HUDD
January 13. 1990:
L. Douglas Wilder inaugurated Governor of Virginia
January 14. 1873:
P.B.S. Pinchback elected to U.S. Senate.
January 15. 1929:
The Birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader

January 16. 1776:
Free Blacks enlisted in military

January 17. 1917:
U.S purchased the Virgin Isle.
January 17. 1978:
NASA names astronauts Maj. Frederick D. Gregory, Maj. Guion S. Bluford, Jr., & Dr. Ronald E. McNair for space mission.
January 17. 1999:
Jamal Anderson leads the Atlanta Falcons to SuperBowl XXXIII
January 18. 1987:
Lawrence Taylor leads the New York Giants to victory in the SuperBowl XXI.*
January 18. 1938:
Capt. B. Collins patented portable electric light.
January 18. 1778:
Freed Blacks organized first baptist church in Savannah
January 20. 2009:
President Barack Obama's first inauguration
January 20. 1778:
Organization of African Baptist Church
January 20. 1870:
Hiram R. Revels elected to U.S. Senate.
January 20. 1788:
Andrew Bryan becomes first Black pastor ordained.
January 21. 1824:
Osai Tutu Kwamina defeated British at Assamaka, Ashanti.
January 21. 2001:
New Black Panther Party protested against inaugaration of Pres. George W. Bush.
January 22. 1793:
Benjamin Banneker assisted in planning of Washington, DC. which would lead to him designing the blueprints of the White House.
January 23. 2003:
Actress, Singer, Nell Carter dies.
January 23. 1977:
First episode of Alex Haley's "Roots"

13th Amendment passed to abolish slavery.
January 24. 1885:
Death of Ethnologist, Martin R. Delaney.
January 25. 1863:
Organization of First Black U.S. army regiment.
January 25. 1966:
Constance B. Motley become first female federal judge.
January 26. 1961:
Carl T. Rowan, journalist, appointed Ambassador to Finland.
January 27. 1961:
Debut of Leontyne Price makes her debut at the Opera Metropolitan Opera.
January 28. 1901:
Birth of sculptor, Richard Barthe.
January 29. 1977:
Senate confirms Andrew Young's appointment with the United Nations.
January 30. 1797:
First Black petition to Congress
January 30. 2001:
The Georgia flag changed after complaints of the Confederate symbol

January 30. 2002:
Loretta Flowers becomes first Black to win gold medal in Winter Olympics
January 31. 1962:
Samuel L. Gravely becomes first to command a U.S. warship.
January 31. 1865:
13th Amendment passed by Congress to abolish slavery.

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