Monday, March 2, 2009

Black History of March

March 1.
1864: Rebecca Lee is 1st Black woman awarded with medical degree. New England Female Medical College, MA.

1867: Howard University in Washington D.C. was chartered
1875: Civil Rights Act passed.
March 2.
1807: Slave trade outlawed by U.S. Congress.
March 3.
1794: The African Methodist Church formed by Richard Allen.
1820: Missouri Compromise
1865: Freedman's Bureau established for Black education.
1877: Garrett Morgan, inventor know for the traffic light & gas mask, is born.
1991: Rodney King was brutally assaulted by 4 white police officers, and caught on video.

March 4.
1865: Second Inaugural Address, by Abraham Lincoln, blaming slavery for the cause of Civil War.
March 5.
1770: Crispus Attucks is killed in Boston Massacre, marking the start of American Revolution.
March 6.
1857: U.S. Supreme Court ruled against citizenship for Blacks in the Dred Scott Decision.
2002: Shauntay Hinton becomes Miss USA. (3 out of 4 Finalist were Black)
March 7.
1527: Estevanica, pioneer, explored southwestern US for Spain
1942: 5 Black students receive their "wings" at Tuskeegee Institute, becoming the first Black pilots.

March 8.
1876: U.S. Senate refused to seat P.B.S. Pinchback.
March 9.
1961: Clifton Wharton appointed Ambassador to Norway by Pres. Kennedy.
1997: The death of Christopher Wallace, "The Notorious B.I.G.", Rapper shot in LA.
March 10.
1910: "The Pittsburg Courier" founded & published by Robert L. Vann.
March 11.
1968: Senate passes Civil Rights Bill of '68, containing housing and anti-riot measures.

1959: Broadway opens Lorraine Hansberry's play, Raisin In The Sun.
March 12.
1791: Benjamin Banneker, with Pierre Charles L'Enfant, commissioned to layout D.C.

1770: William Kitchen, a slave receives an army paycheck.
1773: Jean Baptiste Pointe de Sable founded settlement now known as Chicago, Illinois
March 13.
1794: Eli Whitney patent cotton gin, based on the ideas & plans of a slave.
1865: The Confederate Army allowed slaves to be soldiers.
2001: Hip Hop Hall of Fame holds a four-day conference.
March 14.
1821: African Methodist Episocopal Zion Church founded.
N/A: Negus Menelik captures throne of Abyssinia, Ethiopia.

March 15.
1947: John Lee, first Black commissioned officer in the Navy is assigned for duty.
March 16.
1827: Freedom Journal, first Black paper, founded & published by John Russwurm & Samuel Cornish.

March 17.
1806: Birth of Norbert Rillieux, Engineer & Scientist (known for sugar refining).
March 18.
1947: Louis Lautier becomes first Black congressional newsman.
March 19.
1794: Jay's Treaty in effect.
1883: Jan Matzeliger invented first machine to manufacture entire shoes.
March 20.
1852: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" published
1957: Birth of director, Spike Lee

March 21.
1960: Sharpville Massacre, South Africa where 56 people were killed
1492: Pilot, Alonzo Pietro sailed with Christopher Columbus
1990: Nambia gained its independence.
March 22.
1965: Civil Rights March - From Selma to Montgomery.

March 23.
1870: 15th Constitutional Amendment ratified. (Blacks Right to Vote)
March 24.
2002: At the Oscars, Hallie Berry & Denzel Washington wins (Will Smith also nominated) & Sidney Poiter receives Lifetime Achievement Award.

March 25.
1916: Maj. James E. Walker took command of D.C. National Guard 12 days before WWI.
1931: 9 Black kids were sentenced to death for Communist accusations stating they raped 2 white women on an Alabama freight train.
1975: Salem poor honored by postage stamp.
March 26.
1780: Seven Blacks challenged taxation without representation.
1995: Rapper, Eric "Easy E" Wright, of NWA dies after contracting the AIDS Virus.
March 27.
1501: African seaman, soldiers & explorers brought to America.
March 28.
1914: Track record was set by Sol Butler.
1804: Ohio passed law restricting the movement of Blacks.
March 29.
1815: Napoleon abolished slave trade.
March 30.
1867: Augusta Institute opened in Atlanta. (later became Morehouse College)
March 31.
1880: J.E. Walker born, Founder of Universal Life.

Here's January & February for those that missed it.

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  1. I never heard of Rebecca Lee....and I found the info about Jan Matzeliger an interesting tidbit.